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Paying in

Your Pension Newsletter

This newsletter (pdf) is sent out each year to keep you up to date of changes with the scheme nationally and what is happening to the Croydon Fund.

Benefit statements

Annual Benefit Statements are sent out once a year to keep members informed of the current and future value of their benefits.

Pension updates 

Pension updates are sent via email in between the annual newsletter to keep members updated on the ever changing landscapes of the LGPS.

The pension website holds a number of forms, guides and ad-hoc information.

The pension team hold an annual Open Day for all staff to attend, two sessions are held. This gives staff the opportunity to find out the most up-to-date information and speak 1-2-1 to a pension's administrator. Past speakers have been from the DCLG Local Government Association and the Council Actuaries.

Road shows and seminars are held throughout the Borough when major changes to the scheme are implemented such as the introduction of the 2008 scheme.

Eligible new staff when recruited are automatically enrolled to the scheme and sent a welcome letter with a statutory notice confirming membership of the LGPS along with the scheme guide, and pension's helpline is also available.

No longer paying in

Benefit statements

Annual benefit statements are sent out each year to show the current value of their benefits.

Pension's helpline, 'Altair self service' and the website are also available.

Receiving your LGPS pension

Your Pensioner newsletter

newsletter (pdf) is sent out each year and will contain useful information about your pension. Including details of pension increase and pension pay dates.

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