Voting Members

  • Councillor Callton Young OBE (Chair)
  • Councillor Clive Fraser (Vice-Chair)
  • Councillor Simon Brew
  • Councillor Patricia Hay-Justice
  • Councillor Yvette Hopley
  • Councillor Karen Jewitt
  • Councillor Endri Llabuti
  • Councillor Alasdair Stewart
  • Pensioner side co-opted Member - Ms Gilli Driver

Reserve Members

  • Councillor Richard Chatterjee
  • Councillor Stuart Collins
  • Councillor Alisa Flemming
  • Councillor Simon Fox
  • Councillor Stella Nabukeera
  • Councillor Nikhil Sherine Thampi
  • Councillor Appu Srinivasan
  • Councillor Robert Ward

Non-Voting Members

  • Staff side co-opted Member - Mr Charles Quaye
  • Pensioner side co-opted Member - Mr Peter Howard



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