Who runs the pension fund

The Croydon Pension Fund is run by Croydon Council.

This means that Croydon Council is the "administering authority" in the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations.

As an administering authority the Council discharges its duties in respect of maintaining the Pension Fund through the work of the Pensions Committee. Its term of reference are to deal with all matter relating to the investment and management/administration of the Fund, Members of the Committee subscribe to a Knowledge and Skills framework that ensures they have access to training and support in taking decisions.

In addition, the Pension Committee is supported by officers and external advisers, independent professional observers and scheme members.

Administrator of the London Borough of Croydon Pension Fund 

Lisa Taylor, Director of Finance, Investment and Risk and s151 Officer

Pension Administration  vacant, the Pensions Manager, and the team provide benefit administration services to members and participating employers.

Investment  Nigel Cook, the Chief Investment Manager, and his team, manage the pension fund investments and accounts, as well as providing support to the Trustees in their stewardship of the fund.

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