24 Jan 2019

We have received a number of staff queries regarding the automatic re-enrolment process. This update recaps the process and offers a simple two-step solution for those who wish to opt-out before the Tuesday 12 February deadline and have January contributions refunded.

It is a legal requirement under the Pensions Act 2008 for all employers to carry out a re-enrolment process every three years. 

The process involves assessing the workforce based on age and earnings in the pay period relating to the re-enrolment date, in Croydon Council's case the January pay period (1 – 31 January). 

In order to carry out the assessment, we need to wait for January’s payroll to be run (which took place starting on 16 January), in order to accurately assess those employees who meet the criteria of Eligible Jobholder and enrol them back into the pension scheme in January’s payroll.

Legislation states that we are required to write to all Eligible Jobholders within six weeks of re-enrolment and did so at the earliest opportunity following payroll on 16 January. 

To reduce any potential financial impact on employees and ensure we meet our legal obligations, this was also communicated via the intranet from Monday 7 January, and was included in the ‘Our Croydon’ weekly staff ebulletin (Thursday 10 January) to give employees the opportunity to opt-out before the payroll deadline to avoid contributions being taken. 

Opting out

Those employees who still wish to opt-out can do so by:

  1. Completing an opt-out form, which can be found in Forms and Publications,
  2. Send it to [email protected] 

If received by Tuesday 12 February 2019, you will be opted out of the scheme and have your January contributions refunded in your February pay.